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Server Rules

Post by Cheesy on Mon Aug 01, 2016 3:35 pm

Guest Rules

1. Don't beg for staff
2. Any hacks/mods are bannable
3. No cursing allowed of any kind
4. Be respectful to all staff Members
5. If you die dont complain in the chat
6. if you see a admin abusing don't startle this admin just report it while he doesn't realize screenshot
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Staff Rules

1. Commands: /vanish /god /i /v /kits /kit (name) /spy /duty /tp /tphere
2. Don't tp to guests / other staff with ought their permission
3. Staff shouldn't be able to go invisible while players are doing whatever only higher ranks such as dev owner or head admin.
4. You may only spy when you suspect hacks/etc
5. Don't disturb /spawn items for players especially especially guests
6. you can only limit your items to spawn for that day only at a limit of 5 unless you donated more then 15 dollars
7. You can only help players by spawning in 1-2 items depends on what they require. (tape rope glue etc.)

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